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Wendy speaking at a Kiwanis Club in California.


Wendy recently appeared on the Denise Ames TV show to discuss her book and sing "As I Am"  the title track from her CD "As I Am."


Wendy appeared on the Oprah Winfrey TV show June 27, along with Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson to discuss the Power of Attraction.


Wendy gave a radio Interview to Q's House internet radio discussing her method of Contrary Action and ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

RHYTHM ON THE VINE                               

Wendy performed at "Rhythm On The Vine" music and wine festival benefitting Shriners Children's Hospital along with artists Herbie Hancock, Sheila E. & the E Family, Jim Brickman and Kirk Whalum.

5th Grade Hunger Project

VISION: By 2020, every 5th Grade Class in America will sponsor 1 starving, homeless or poverty stricken child each year as part of the standard curriculum; providing life saving meals, shelter and medical care to needy children
throughout the world."

There are over 150,000 5th grade class rooms in the United States. If every 5th Grade class in America sponsored 1 starving, homeless and poverty stricken child, American children would help feed over 150,000 hungry children every year.

The cost to sponsor 1 hungry child is only $360 per year or $36 per school year, per 5th grade class. That's only $1 a month per 5th Grade student!

Individuals can only do so much. But when you mobilize a group of people into action...there's no limit to our ability to change the world and make a difference. 

By saving the life of another child, our 5th graders will experience their own power change the world. kids will learn something about charity, responsibility, compassion, about their global community, giving each 5th grade child an opportunity to make a substantial difference in the life of another child.

Throughout the school year, students will write to their sponsored child, learning about another culture while practicing their own letter writing and communication skills. This is a win-win project for the hungry, the students and the teachers.

How can I help the 5th Grade Hunger Project?

Bring The 5th Grade Hunger Project to a school in your community. Contact Wendy Alane Wright

Purchase Wendy's book Contrary Action; An Ordinary Girl's Dialogue With God and a percentage of the proceeds will go to funding The 5th Grade Hunger Project. DONATE NOW

For larger contributions make checks payable to WAW Foundation, 2555 Piedmont Avenue, Montrose, Ca 91020 to help fund the cost of bringing this program to classrooms. 

"This planet provides enough resources for every man's need,
but not every man's greed."

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