About Wendy Alane Wright       

Wendy Alane Wright is
a Hollywood Talent Manager and the author of "Contrary Action: An Ordinary Girl's Dialogue With God."

The book title mentions God, but Wendy is not a religious person, rather she is spiritual. As a creative person dealing with a creative industry Wendy has seen how fear can stop talented people from being all they were created to be. When it comes to God, Wendy simply believes God is creativity. If you look around our amazing world it is obvious that God holds nothing back in that department! If we are made in God's image, then we are highly creative beings. However unlike God, people have fears that stop them from expressing their creativity fully. Wendy was looking for a solution for her own fear and wanted to know how to overcome the sabotaging thoughts that were stopping her. She prayed to God the expert of creativity for knowledge and the strength to over come her fears so she could live the life she knew she was capable of living. From this meditation, Wendy developed an awareness of how to overcome fear,
how fear helps us too, how we can have success in our lives, enjoy happy relationships with ourselves and others, and most importantly, learn to value ourselves, be happy, through a deeper connection with our source.

So, Wendy prayers and mediates and asks Source for guidance. Doing this has given Wendy incredible opportunities to
help other people achieve their creative goals and improve their lives. She is encouraging people to use their God-given gifts fully. Wendy believes God has blessed all of us with amazing talents and abilities that we are here on earth to use fully. Because we are all afraid to some degree of success, afraid to fail and afraid we are never good enough, we block our true path. Wendy thinks God would say, "if we truly knew ourselves truly we would not prevent ourselves from expressing our greatness."

An Ordinary Girl's Dialogue With God; Contrary Action
shifts our understanding of who we are, why we are here and who God is. It also introduces readers to the concept of using CONTRARY ACTIONS to create the life you want. Contrary Action is a very powerful tool that will change your life. When you use them your life can not stay the same. Further, the core philosophy is simple: Through Wendy's Contrary Action techniques and positive philosophy, people are learning how to get beyond their fears, create more of what they want in their lives, including improved relationships with family, friends and romantic partners. Readers learn to tap into their personal power to re-create their lives through the power of attraction and intention, attaining more success in their careers, and a deeper connection to God.

Wendy believes every human being is capable of manifesting what they desire. People have the ability to intend and attract what they want. if you visualize a goal and see the results manifest, the universe will work with you to help you create your vision. God or Source is not just a concept, it is a reality. A deeper connection to God, or the Divine, helps people tap into that Power to Create which lies within each of us.

Through a combination of Intention and Contrary Action, you can create the life you really want and the Universe will go out of it's way to help you fulfill your purpose.

Wendy is dedicated to helping others achieve the expression of their full potential. It is a theme that runs through every endeavor in Wendy's life. She is a member of Kiwanis International which is a global organization committed to changing the world, one child and one community at a time. Wendy and her husband sponsor 14 children worldwide through The Christian Children's Fund and donate to numerous causes including battered women, Worldvision, CARE, Make A Wish Foundation, International Children's Foundation, Unicef and other challenged individuals in our society.

When she’s not traveling, Wendy enjoys quality time with her wonderful, loving husband Jim, singing, home decorating and playing with her 2 Pomeranians and 3 cats at her home in Southern California. 

5th Grade Hunger Project

Wendy is the President of the non-profit, WAW Foundation and the
The 5th Grade Hunger Project whose mission statement is to have "Every 5th grade class in America sponsor a starving, homeless or poverty stricken child, providing meals, clothing, and medical care." There are over 150,000 5th grade class rooms in the United States. Our American kids can help save over 150,000 children each year. The cost to sponsor a hungry child is only $30 per month or $360 per 5th grade class, per year. (That's only $1 per month per student) This easy, selfless act by America's 5th graders will also help to teach our grade school children about their own tremendous personal power to change the world, charity, responsibility, compassion, their global community, and give each 5th grader the opportunity to make a substantial difference in the lives of another child. It's never too early to make the world a better place.

To Contribute to the WAW Foundation
and help save the lives of homeless or hungry children send a secure tax deductible donation using
PAYPAL to  Or purchase the book "Contrary Action: An Ordinary Girl's Dialogue with God" and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to The 5th Grade Hunger Project.
  For larger donations make checks payable to: WAW and mail to 2555 Piedmont Avenue, Montrose, Ca 91020. To bring The 5th grade Hunger Project to a school in your community contact Wendy Alane Wright at

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